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Channel Letters
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Mont Belvieu Channel Letters


Any type of business can gain a significant increase in customer traffic and average sales with the help of unique, attractive, and professional-looking signage. So regardless of the type of business youโ€™re running, youโ€™ll see great value in our Mont Belvieu channel letters and dimensional letters.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

South Houston Sign Company has all the right skills and appropriate equipment to customize this sign, maximizing its versatility and durability to benefit your business. Both channel letters and dimensional letters can be expertly shaped into any letter, number, or symbol that you want, regardless of your preferred size. You may also install them directly onto your building or use a raceway thatโ€™s sturdy and weatherproof.

No matter what customization details you want, our signage experts will always guarantee meticulously crafted signage made to perfectly fit your budget, location, and intended signage purpose. Whether youโ€™ll need them for indoor or outdoor purposes, weโ€™ll ensure to utilize the suitable materials for maximum signage lifespan.

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Storefront Channel Letters

When it comes to attractive storefront signs, our Mont Belvieu channel letters have been many businessesโ€™ top choices for their durability and visibility.

Custom Channel Letter SignThese three-dimensional signs are also highly customizable, so they can fit any look that your company requires. They can also be illuminated for increased visibility at night or in tough weather conditions.

All separately cut channel letter elements can be personalized to form your company name and slogan. We can also mold them into your logo or any other symbol you want. Lastly, you can change the colors, sizes, and styles to match your brand, location, and individual interests.

Direct mount channel letters will enhance the visual appeal of your storefront. Raceway-mounted channel letters are a wiser alternative for faster installation. Our signage experts will consider your requirements to determine which installation strategy is appropriate for you.

Grocery stores, shopping centers, retail stores, malls, office buildings, schools, manufacturing facilities, and other organizations that want an attractive, professional appearance commonly use channel letters.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are nearly identical to channel letters, with the exception of their illumination offerings.

Storefront SignIts main difference is that dimensional letters do not have channels inside them to allow for illumination and are instead solid signage elements cut from your preferred material. LED backlighting or face-lit translucent acrylic faces, on the other hand, still have the ability to illuminate dimensional letters.

They can also be tailored to any size or form you desire. Pick from a range of materials and determine the thickness of your dimensional letters based on your intended look and overall budget.

Our signage experts can advise you on choosing the most fitting materials for your brand, whether it is acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Cor-Ten steel, foam, metal, plastic, or stainless steel; we got you!

Most users of our durable and attractive dimensional letters are restaurants, offices, shopping malls, and other businesses for their storefronts, lobbies, or other interior spaces.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

The illumination of channel letters is one of their most outstanding features.

Lighted SignHave it lit up in various ways to create a particular look that complements your unique brand image. Standard front-lit channel letters, halo-lit channel letters, front/backlit channel letters, and open-lit channel letters are all options.

Illuminated signs will assist your clients in navigating your establishment and will put you on top of your competitors. Investing in illuminated channel letters is absolutely critical for any 24-hour or nighttime business. LED lighting is also preferred because it is less expensive and safer for the environment.

With our Mont Belvieu, TX sign company, it is ensured that your channel letters are meticulously and securely installed on your exterior or interior premises. You can be confident that your signs will light up and provide you with the maximum visibility possible.

Illuminated channel letters and dimensional letters are ideally used in bars, convenience stores, gas stations, theaters, restaurants, coffee shops, and any other business that wishes to draw several customers at one sight.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Mont Belvieu Channel Letters southhoustonsigns logo smallInvesting in our high-quality Mont Belvieu channel letters and dimensional letters is a big step toward making your building look promising and impressive to potential customers. We ensure to deliver an appealing, long-lasting, and cost-effective channel letter sign.

The real best part is they can be customized and are 3D signs that let you solidify your brand, starting from your storefront to the interior of your building. Unquestionably, they are worth it!

Call South Houston Sign Company today at (832) 501-3175 for your Free Consultation with a Mont Belvieu Channel Letter expert!