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League City Sign Company


If you need a signage company that can provide you with affordable yet premium-quality signage and promotional products, South Houston Sign Company is the best option you have. We are a well-respected player in the signage industry, offering virtually every signage-related product and all the services needed to set them up in any business location.

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignWe can’t wait to work with you as we aim to bring your business capabilities and revenue to new heights. We are dedicated to professional-quality services, industry-grade raw materials and products, and sustainable design and manufacturing methods using state-of-the-art equipment. We are ready to prove to you that you have come to the right place!

Signs and other visual materials used by businesses are vastly important to the success of an establishment. These materials communicate a lot of direct and indirect messages, from business names and operational information to the level of quality that a business seems to have. Signs have the power to make or break a business.

With South Houston Sign Company you get the chance to effectively use signs for various purposes. We have outdoor storefront signs that can grab the attention of passersby even from a distance. We have decorative indoor signs that can display even an entire mural that shows your company’s history. We can lay down graphics on your floors to help people find their way around your hotel, resort, or office building. We have signs specifically built for brand recognition. Any need you have can be solved by South Houston Sign Company!

Call South Houston Sign Company today at (832) 501-3175 for your Free Consultation with a League City Signs & Graphics expert!

Signs That Work for You

There are a lot of advantages that professionally designed and manufactured signage products can bring to a company.

Outdoor Wayfinding Nursery SignageYou can use them to increase your average ticket price, attract more people into transacting with your business, and even improve and smoothen out your business operations. Indeed, it takes careful and skillful processes to produce signs that actually work according to a business’s objectives.

Whatever goals you have for your signs, our signage experts are ready to be as dedicated as you are to achieving them. We offer top-quality workmanship from the initial free consultation that we offer to our clients up until every technical service that we will conduct, such as manufacturing and installation. We will find the best solutions for each business situation that you have, whether it’s attracting more customers or establishing your brand more strongly.

From the smallest accessories needed to set up banners to every accessibility and informational signage that you are looking for, South Houston Sign Company can provide every resource needed to fix all your sign-related situations.

The Right Signage for Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

Every business is unique. This fact applies not just to products and services. Even businesses that belong to the same industry have different things to offer and distinctive features that make them their own. When it comes to marketing, the question becomes: how should any business promote its unique identity?

Aside from communicating business information, signs tell your customers how much you invest in presenting your business as a qualified and high-quality establishment. You don’t want to have a high-caliber set of products or services yet only have subpar visual tools to market them to your consumer base. South Houston Sign Company is here to be the solution to this specific situation.

We are fully equipped with all the equipment and expertise needed to conduct simple to complex signage customization projects. We know we can provide you with what you need from the signage industry regardless of the specifics of your business. Whatever budget limit, industry, or target market you have, we can do the job for you. Whether your institution is a retail business, educational establishment, government agency, or corporate office, League City sign company, can help you with all your specific signage needs.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Outdoor signs are your first line of offense in grabbing the attention of the public towards transacting with your business.

Exterior SignageSouth Houston Sign Company can provide every outdoor sign that you need, from heavy-duty monument signs to simple yet charismatic channel letter signs.

We can handle everything from the brainstorming session that we will do in planning the entire project up until installing any signage type, even massive pole or pylon signs that would need special technical skills.

We have an entire team of highly-seasoned experts ready to provide their best professional work just to set up your outdoor signs strategically.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Indoor signs are as important as outdoor signs. They are built to execute a variety of functions, such as improving employee efficiency, establishing interior branding, and smoothening customer and employee traffic inside your business area. Whatever objective you have for your interior signs, South Houston Sign Company can build the best ones in terms of quality, durability, and attractiveness.

In determining what kinds of interior signs would be best for your business, you need more than just considering your objectives. You also have to take into account certain data, such as your interior layout, business location, budget, and even any signage regulations set up by your local government.

With South Houston Sign Company, you can ask us to do an on-site inspection of your business area so we can provide much more informed recommendations of the best possible project plan for all your interior signage needs. We can point out the best areas where we must put accessibility signs, point-of-purchase signs, wayfinding signs, and other kinds of essential interior signage.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

If you are looking for non-traditional stationary signage that has already been proven to be effective in grabbing attention, commercial vehicle wrapping is your best choice.

Custom Commercial Van WrapThis product covers parts or the entirety of your vehicle that you use for business. With high-quality vinyl graphics, you get to keep promoting your business wherever you place your vehicle, whether you have it parked at a random lot or you’re driving it along the highway.

This product can be applied to all kinds of automobiles, from sedans, smart cars, semi-trucks, buses, and RVs to motorcycles and even golf carts! Additionally, aside from decorative purposes, vehicle wraps also add a layer of durable protection to your vehicle’s paint.

Many businesses, if not all, can take advantage of this product. Establishments such as delivery services, food trucks, and home service contractors are some of the businesses that rely most on marketing via vehicle wrapping. South Houston Sign Company can effectively strategize this product so you can use your car or trailer as a mobile advertising machine.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

indoor vinyl lobby muralVinyl is such an effective and flexible material for signage products that any kind of business can make use of them and see impactful results. With South Houston Sign Company, you get to have vinyl signage experts that know how to use this product to boost your business in new ways. You can use them to improve wayfinding, brand establishment, customer traffic, and other important factors.

At South Houston Sign Company, generic signs are not part of our business. We use the highly beneficial qualities of vinyl to strategically create signs according to the specific needs of our clients. We also offer all the possible technical services needed to bring this signage from our facility to your business location.

There are many vinyl products available from our company. You can get floor graphics, vinyl lettering, vinyl banners, full-color window graphics, vinyl clings and decals, and vinyl vehicle wrap. The list goes on and on! But whichever you get, rest assured that you will receive it at peak conditions. Our experts will make sure that your final products have gone through meticulous quality control and strategic design.

Custom Signs

Customized signs are the product that you are looking for if you want your visual tools to truly capture the essence of your business and its brand. As a top-notch League City sign company, we customize and personalize any signage type that you order, from simple channel letters to highly technical illuminated signage.

custom dimensional letteringWe are here to make your signs truly unique and one-of-a-kind. We do this primarily by taking into account every bit of relevant information that we can obtain from you during our initial consultation information. This includes your budget, business goals, location, target market, branding guidelines, history, and the like.

One of the main advantages of focusing on the customization of your signage is that you are guaranteed that your business will stand out not just among non-competition but also within your immediate neighborhood.

With South Houston Sign Company, you know that you can get access to any customization and design techniques made available by today’s technology, from burning, carving, and itching to sandblasting and even the installation of LED electronic lighting. We can guarantee that the products that we will create for you will not just be generic units but those that are specifically designed to fit the needs of your business.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Not many signage businesses offer the complete set of services needed in our industry. If you work with other sign companies, you might find yourself having to jump from one service provider to another. But with our League City, TX sign company, everything that you would need in all your signage projects can be provided.

Full-Service Sign Company

You will know that we can cover all bases of the project right from the beginning during our initial consultation. We will provide you with all the information and advice that we can offer while gaining all the knowledge that we can from your business. From this data, we will formulate the best design plan, procure the best raw materials, and assess your location and other important factors. Your budget limits, preferred schedule, and other requirements will be observed down to the last small detail. All our workers, from the graphic designers to the manufacturing and installation teams, will work hand-in-hand to make sure that you get the best signage products and services.

Custom Lobby SignsThe time will come when your visual tools will need certain treatment due to possible damage. Even this need can be solved by our team. We can assess your situation and find the best course of action for it. The service may vary from simple refinishing, repainting, or repairs to full-blown replacement and remodeling projects. We can provide every service you need to bring your marketing tools back to their original quality.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get the best-quality signs that you can find anywhere in the market, go to South Houston Sign Company. We are a trusted League City sign company with experts ready to dedicate the best of their abilities and resources to help you achieve your business objectives using elite-quality signs and graphics.

Our Commitment to You

League City  Sign Company southhoustonsigns logo smallIf you choose us to be your League City sign company, you will have a partner that will care about your goals as much as you do. Industry-quality signs and graphics are our specialties.

We know how to execute any service related to our work, from graphic design, product design, and project management to manufacturing, installation, and even repair.

Call us as soon as you can whenever you need it. Even after our project is done, you can still contact us for anything you need regarding signs. We can’t wait to work with you!

Contact South Houston Sign Company today at (832) 501-3175 for your Free Consultation with a League City Signs & Graphics expert!