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South Houston Outdoor Signs


If we are going to simplify the importance of outdoor signs, we can easily say that people have no reason to enter any establishment if they do not see any sign indicating the building offers a product or service they need.

custom lighted signs

No business-minded person would disagree that outdoor signs are one of the fundamental pillars of a business building. Indeed, if you run a business, you cannot compromise the quality of your outdoor signs because of how important they are.

If you are looking for the best provider of South Houston outdoor signs in our town, you won’t regret partnering with South Houston Sign Company. Here, we have highly experienced experts ready to sit with you and find the best solutions to all your signage needs. They will make sure that the exterior signs you order from us will be in line with your branding, business goals, consumer base, and even your type of industry.

Whether you want the simple elegance of channel letters or the heavy-duty charisma of monument signs, rest assured that we will build your South Houston outdoor signs with industry-quality durability and visual caliber. We will offer these products for the best prices that you will find in the market. But despite their affordability, no compromise on quality will happen during the entire signage production process.

If you want to guarantee that the South Houston outdoor signs you will use for your business can actually help improve your revenue, promotions, and operations, trust South Houston Sign Company.

Call South Houston Sign Company today at (832) 501-3175 for your Free Consultation with a South Houston Outdoor Sign expert!

Storefront & Building Signs

Setting up just any sign on your storefront doesn’t automatically mean that your business will be successful in terms of promotions.

custom outdoor building signs

If you don’t invest in quality exterior signs, there’s a good chance that the public will not see your business as something valuable. Why would they go to an establishment that has a poorly made set of communication materials when they can go to others that look invested enough in serving their customers?

Let South Houston Sign Company be your provider of South Houston outdoor signs so we can take care of every need that you have. We will make sure that your outdoor signs will look perfectly high-quality to attract your customers into engaging with your business. We also guarantee that they are made with the toughest materials out there so they can resist damage caused by harsh outdoor environments.

South Houston Sign Company can offer every outdoor sign available in the industry. Here is a short list of the most common types that our clients order from us.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

This product is often described as timeless because of its very simple yet highly impactful look.

custom dimensional signsChannel letters and dimensional letters are named as such because they are typically made of individual units of 3-dimensional blocks. These are usually formed into letters, numbers, symbols, or images and grouped together to form one message.

The difference between channel letters and dimensional letters is their insides. Dimensional letters have solid bodies, while channel letters are hollow, which allows the installation of electronic lighting inside them. Overall, these two sign types look essentially the same.

Both types are also installed similarly. You ask us to attach them directly to the facade of your business building. There is also a more temporary option that involves a faster installation process. We can attach each individual block to a raceway mount, which we will then attach to the building.

Channel letters and dimensional letters are typically one of the first options for many businesses because of how simple yet effective they are. We believe that any business can benefit from this product. It is very hard to fail in achieving your objectives if you use the tactical brilliance of letter signs.

Lighted Signs

Another fundamental signage type out there is the lighted sign. This is the primary product for businesses that run 24/7. If you’re going to go against low-visibility situations such as storms or the nighttime, you will need more than just massive signs.

custom lighted storefrontWe have all kinds of lighted signs available in the industry, including lighted cabinet signs, digital message centers, digital screens, backlighting, and internal lighting. They are all great for zero-visibility environments.

They are also very effective and cost-efficient because we only use LED lighting, which is a technology that is capable of sending out vivid displays without consuming large amounts of electricity. In fact, the classic neon sign that emits a unique retro look is now outdated precisely because LEDs are much cheaper, brighter, environmentally friendly, and more efficient.

Lighted signs are perfect for businesses like clubs, theaters, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, specialty stores, bars, hotels, and other establishments that run until nighttime.

Custom Sign Panels

Panel signs are one of your simpler sign types, characterized by flat structures attached directly to a building’s facade.

custom storefront sign panelMuch like letter signs, the simplicity of panel signs makes them extremely flexible in terms of customization and design. Technically, they can be molded and shaped into any visual pattern or characteristic. If you want them to have a minimalist look or vibrant full-colored styles, we can easily do that for you.

If you want to add electronic lighting, you can easily use translucent materials to make them look spectacular. You can also get them as simple metal plates with vinyl graphics. The options are too many, but we are here to help you through every step of the brainstorming process.

Don’t worry if you think that the designs that you want for your panel signs are too complicated or unique. Our South Houston, TX sign company is here to attend to all your needs, even if it means designing and creating signs that no one has ever seen before. South Houston Sign Company is fully capable of customizing any sign type, especially simple panel signs.

It is not an exaggeration when we say that any business type can benefit from panel signs. With its timelessness, simplicity, and effectiveness, all businesses, from high-energy resorts to formal, corporate offices, can utilize panel signs according to their specific business goals.

Canopy & Awning Signs

From simplicity, we now go to special looks. Canopy and awning signs provide a specific aesthetic that only they can pull off. These signs are characterized by a special extension that looks like a roof.

custom awning signThe structure is made of stretch canvas attached to a building’s surface and carries the business information that the owner wants to communicate.

Size is the main difference between canopy and awning signs. The latter is much smaller, extending only a few feet away from the surface it’s attached to. It is typically aligned with the front door of an establishment because of its narrower width. Meanwhile, canopy signs, because of their larger size, are commonly aligned along the width of glass walls. They offer a bigger shade, making them ideal for cafes and restaurants that aim to have an extended outdoor service area.

Indeed the aesthetic and functional quality of canopy and awning signs are advantages, especially for businesses such as cafes, thrift stores, flower shops, restaurants, jewelry shops, and specialty stores.

Monument Signs

Canopy signs are pretty, but if you’re going for power, charisma, and impact, go for monument signs. Typically installed on the front area of an establishment, monument signs have a certain dominant look that makes them look like landmarks.

custom foam monument signThey are typically used by more formal institutions, such as hospitals, universities, schools, and clubs. They are arguably the most durable out of all the sign types because they are typically made of heavy-duty materials such as concrete, metal, stone, foam core, armored foam, aluminum, wood, and plastic.

Regardless of the material that you choose for your monument sign, South Houston Sign Company can design them into the specific creative vision you have for them. We will incorporate your branding and other creative ideas while effectively communicating the important details you want to express to your consumer base. This includes business names, business hours, founding year, logos, and taglines. If you want to kick things up a notch, you can also add electronic lighting on the side, making your monument sign still effective even during the night.

From universities, hospitals, and government agencies to corporate parks, resorts, and private clubs, monument signs remain the standard for all these special establishments.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

If your business is located at a remote location or if you just want to extremely dominate your local community in terms of visibility, we recommend getting a pole sign or a pylon sign for your business.

custom digital pole signThese signs are built to stand at extremely tall heights relative to the rest of the sign types. They are typically used by businesses located on highways and interstates because they are identifiable even from far distances.

You can add electronic lighting to them to further boost their visibility in all environments. Another special function that a pylon sign can execute is displaying information for multiple establishments at once. Because of their size, pylon signs can work effectively for multi-tenant areas such as food parks and multi-business establishments.

If you run a gas station, fast food chain, diner, mall, supermarket, business park, or convenience store, we highly recommend that you use a pole sign or a pilot sign for maximum visibility.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

South Houston Sign Company is a complete provider of top-notch South Houston outdoor signs. This means that regardless of the specifics of the project, we can deliver everything it needs for a successful result.

post panel outdoor sign directoryWhatever budget requirements, scheduling preferences, customization ideas, business type, or target market that our clients have, we can provide them with every service involved in the process of providing signage products to businesses.

We don’t just have industry-grade raw materials and signage products. We are also equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment needed to conduct all the services involved in our job. We do all these processes with professional quality and seasoned workmanship. We only use the best, most cost-effective, and most sustainable methodologies as provided by current technology. Plus, we always aim to offer our products and services at the best prices in the market.

Take a look at the other South Houston outdoor signs that we offer at South Houston Sign Company:

Don’t worry if you can’t find the product that you are looking for on this list. We are a signage company that specializes in customization. So whatever product you have in mind, we are confident that we can turn it into reality regardless of how strange or complex your ideas are.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Being a full-service company, we always assure our clients that they won’t need to look for another company to provide each of their needs. When it comes to signage, South Houston Sign Company has a complete team of signage experts, engineers, graphic designers, project planners, and other specialists that can execute any service needed in our industry.

custom outdoor dimensional signsThis involves product design, graphic design, signage manufacturing, signage installation, repairs, and maintenance. We’re also confident that we can provide high-quality customer service, ensuring that your experience with us is smooth and comfortable.

From heavy-duty monument signs to simple panel signs and channel letters, rest assured that you will get nothing short of industry-quality services from South Houston Sign Company. You can also expect that every product that you will obtain from us is quality-controlled to the last detail because we do everything right here in our local facility. We can conduct thorough quality checking of the products that we make.

Finally, we only obtain our raw materials from the best suppliers in town. We believe that because of the importance of South Houston outdoor signs, we cannot compromise even a bit of every product that we send out. It is not enough that we provide high-quality services. The materials that we use must also be top quality. Indeed, we are excited to impress you with the caliber of both services and products that we offer at South Houston Sign Company. Your investment in us will not go to waste.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

South Houston Outdoor Signs southhoustonsigns logo smallIt is undeniable that outdoor signage can make or break a business. Even in the realm of business, first impressions are also crucial. When it comes to introducing or inviting your customers to engage with your products and services, your South Houston outdoor signs are the first tools that you have.

You can trust that our South Houston, TX sign company can provide all your needs to secure the quality of your exterior signs. We are excited to know all the details about your business so we can find the best signage solutions for you!

Call South Houston Sign Company today at (832) 501-3175 for your Free Consultation with a South Houston Outdoor Sign Specialist!