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Crosby Window Film


Vinyl is a versatile material ideal for creating high-quality window films. At South Houston Sign Company, we utilize premium-quality vinyl to provide our customers with eye-catching and long-lasting Crosby window films that can be used for promotions, infographics, or privacy for offices or VIP customer rooms.

custom promotional window vinyl restaurant

Promotional displays may come as individually cut vinyl elements held in place using static-cling adhesion or temporary sticky glue. You can also have them in the form of large-format vinyl graphics to cover your entire window with a full-color display. Either way, promotional window films are easy to remove and replace, which makes them a smart and affordable tool that’s ideal for seasonal promotions.

Moreover, window films are great tools for providing privacy for certain rooms in your establishment without having to spend so much on frosted or etched glass panes. They’re also the go-to temporary solution for the privacy needs of business owners who only rent space and are not allowed to remove or replace entire window panes.

Regardless of the specific purpose that you have for your window films, however, we can customize them with various styles, textures, and sizes. We can even install them for you to ensure a smooth and attractive appearance!

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Promotional Displays

custom vinyl window displayIf you have bare glass surfaces in your building, our Crosby window films can be a great addition to your promotional tools. We can customize them to give you a dynamic window promotional display that will attract as many passersby as possible. You can go for large-format vinyl graphics or stickers and specifically cut vinyl elements.

No matter what you choose, however, these vinyl graphics will be useful for displaying seasonal updates, sales, announcements, new products, services, etc.

custom vinyl car window graphicsAnd aside from window displays, promotional films can also be used for your car windows and be a finishing touch to complement your custom car wraps. South Houston Sign Company uses high-quality perforated window film and ensures that it won’t compromise the view from the inside of the car and get in the way of road safety.

Regardless of where you want to apply it, we can install your promotional window film as flawlessly as possible. Our expert installers will ensure that your vinyl graphics won’t be misaligned, warped, bubbled, or even torn. Additionally, we also handle the removal of your old window film and the necessary preparation of your glass surface before the installation can be done properly.

Privacy Window Film

Another great use for window films is to give privacy to your office or some selected areas in your establishment.

frosted privacy filmThey offer a more budget-friendly and convenient solution for businesses that can’t afford or are unable to replace or permanently frost and etch an entire glass pane.
South Houston Sign Company can provide you with frosted films as one option. They will give your windows some degree of translucency which is perfect for achieving a soft and relaxed vibe.

A matte finish on your frosted film will also be great at harsh diffusing lights so you can reduce the glare within your building and provide some sort of shade and cooling.

Another way of utilizing privacy window films is in the form of one-way mirror films. These vinyl products are available in different shades, grades, and types. Each one, however, is fully capable of making your glass surfaces highly reflective on one—which gives them a mirror effect—while staying relatively transparent on the other side. This type of film also comes with extra protection against harmful UV rays.

Full-Service Sign Company

From high-quality Crosby window films to all other kinds of custom signage, all your needed business signs and graphics can be provided by South Houston Sign Company. We are a team of graphic design and signage experts who are fully equipped with top-of-the-line materials that enable us to offer excellent service every time.

custom vinyl letteringWhether you have a low, high, or medium-ranged budget, we can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements. We will use the best materials that are possible for your budget and give your marketing tool the most compelling and eye-catching design.

And if you’re still undecided on what type of signage or vinyl graphics to use, feel free to ask for our recommendations. We’ll gladly discuss all your best options and give you a clear idea of their respective sets of pros and cons.

Included the products that we offer are the following:

  1. Channel letters
  2. Dimensional letters
  3. Large format banners
  4. Monument signs
  5. Pole signs
  6. Digital sign
  7. LED signs
  8. Yard signs
  9. ADA signs
  10. Awning signs
  11. Vehicle Wraps

If you find one that you like or you want to see other types of signage that we make, give us a call, and we’ll answer all your queries right away.

Free Window Film Consultation

Crosby Window Film southhoustonsigns logo smallWhen it comes to your window films and other custom business signs and graphics, it’s important that you work with a trusted provider like our Crosby, TX sign company. We always take pride not only in our meticulous work but also in the quality of our equipment and materials.

Rest assured that if you choose our service, you will have customized graphics that will attract more potential customers without costing more than what you can afford.

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